iGIRL - Act One

by Roger Doyle

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    releases March 26, 2021

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Distant voices 'I Girl Yes You Girl', 'I Oedipus', 'I Jocasta', 'I Antigone', 'I Joanne D'arc'.
What’s happiness? They haven’t cut my tongue out yet Or beheaded me I wont be flogged this morning Hopefully This is not a song about breasts Or misogyny Not that they are not worthy themes We just don’t understand them yet Breasts are like string theory Connected to everything So obvious we have to deny them Misogny too Poor men Ah the poor men God love them A little ode to men That fabulous vanished creature Who used to turn up With the haunch of the deer Fling it at our feet So they could touch the unmentionables The breasts All that meat Roasting over the fire In the cave The shadows flickering on the wall The sabre teeth glistening At the mouth of the cave Always The sabre teeth The yellow eyes Devouring Globs of recent carcass Rotting The brown blood of the moulting coffin Human soup. All the bones thrown in For delectation All you wanderers of the Earth Above and below Who did you love Was it torture Misogny of the breasts All the poor women Sucked on All those balls to play with But the face What of our faces? The wrong species Survived If you look at the deer The doe On the mountain At dawn Weeping behind the leaves You know The wrong species Came to the fore Human It means Last of the homini tribe Primates Bipedal Fond of fire and tools Great fingers On land and water Cute sounds they Call language Brag about their bigger brains Their generosity Hunter gatherers What we didn’t brag about We destroyed the Neanderthals The gentle mute Neanderthals Much is made of our social skills Networking Last surviving species of Genus homo Like the rat We cling on With ferocity And cunning It’s a bloodbath The fossils tell The sabre teeth The vampire incisors God bless the Vampire Incisors Without them Deer would run the world Sapiens – that means wise Ask the deer The Dodo The Neanderthal How wise we are Go ask the dinosaur Our sister Chimps Ask the whale Who Curved Spat Dived Back to the deeps With the deer And the gentle Neanderthals The Unicorns The sea horses Who would want The land The fighting The torture The halting Cacophony They call a song Let us stay in Our element And sing on
The truth is The sea would not have us Barred we are From the coral And the pink palaces Of filigree pewter Mermaids on rocks Haunt us What do we care About these ditherers Trapped between one Thing and the other Air and Water And still they taunt You are ninety percent water Saline Our Riposte You don’t exist In the eye of the homini Last surviving strain Of Human family Nothing exists Except us We made sure of that Do we exist Are we just The dust On the eyelash of God Has he brushed us aside Are we falling into The air When will we hit the ground All that dust Our cousins We bludgeoned Out on the savannah Mingling with the bison The dinosaur The Angels. Their wings they say Were the weight of a Full grown man Thermodynamics Long before the Aeroplane Copy cats All Creation Is remembering.
I Joanne D’arc I saw an angel once Thirteen My Fathers garden He landed among the Lavender The bees And ever after the Smell of crushed lavender Brought me to my knees When they burned me at the stake I carried a sprig of lavender In between my breasts Much was made of my illiteracy My cross dressing I could read I read the whole world In an angels’ wings Ethereal tongues He gave me I could write too My signature is there I never went to school The breasts After the angel in the garden I could do all these things But all I ever wanted Was a pair of dragonfly wings To fly up and away To see Domeney from the air To sit on a cloud Watch the cows in the field We had fifty acres The church backed onto my house I never cared for mass Though I liked the smell of incense And the songs And the little king With his crown Interbred boy Pale from lack Of sun Spoilt bitter moon Face In his robes And his jewels The cathedral and The monks singing Where was he when I went up in Flames to my maker.
I Antigone 05:18
I Antigone Stubborn girl My uncle said I’ll knock the stuffing Out of you Teach you manners If it’s the last thing I do I only want to bury him I said The brother the one who Fought on the wrong side My father was a hard man Vain about his empty Eyes after He got over it Jocasta swinging from The wardrobe door My Mother His Mother My Father My brother It is not easy Being the sister Of your Father Or know your Mother made the Hump backed beast With her son Your brother Your father Little daughter Sister Lead me on To the grove Of the red clawed Furies Where I will become A God That’s all he wanted My dad To be God I grew up in a swamp Thebes of the Mosquitos And the endless plague Dungeons for the slaves The minotaur and the Sphinx They had tea down in the caves Broke bread and ankle bones Shared stories of carnage And creation Destruction Sphinx is lonely she said Lonely among the bones And the entrails sucked Dry And Minotaur Half man Half bull Swatted the flies With his human tail Last living of the Species not homini Not bovini Not anything Really As Sphinx Pucks his matted head With her clotted mane I was just a girl Haemon’s babe Creon disapproved You can do better My son Than this tainted Upstart With her cross eyed Gaze But Haemon Loved me Loved I could Talk a storm Had an answer For everything Creon said I argued like a man. Like a man. Like a man.
Recess 04:29
I Girl Girl of the cursed Breasts Daughter of homo Sapiens Wise beyond My years The coffin calls The coffin’s call All the dead Children The broken bones The breast in flames The weak Neanderthals With the jutting chins The brains bigger Than ours The lost Songs Prayers The gentle eyes We ate them over The fire They gave us the Gift of fire We hung them Upside down A thick Beautiful broth In the cauldron Of their demise Our incisors Glistening All that Beautiful Viscera In the shadows Of the cave They were deer Before Doe Was invented.
Have you fed The children Joanne Have you called The cows home Washed the linen Or will you be Forever Talking to Angels Among the lavender And what about The butter In the churn Will you let it spoil Again Oh Joan Jeanne Johanna D’arc Get that head out Of the clouds And get to work Ssh Mother dear Arkangel Michael Is here I’m pruning his wings As he sips the dew on the rose I’m plaiting cornflowers In his hair As he sings me Song of Blood and destiny Mine And Yours
How you’ll weep At the stake As I go up In smoke How I’ll see you Across the cobbled Square My hands tied behind My back Your scarf floating Down your back As I cough and Choke As the smoke wafts And swirls Johanna D’arc Grey ash That falls on your Shoulders Your lips I burn Maman I burn For Homo Sapiens For the lost Neanderthals My trousers are Aflame My left breast Sizzles And bursts I am a black carcass I have become The Sunday roast That the world eats And excretes The lavender Smoulders Your rocking Back My Father’s Thick farmer’s hand On your shoulders As you fall At the sound Of my screams Though my lips Are blistered Beyond repair Wax Fat Smoke Air Simmering in The stew Of myself God is not Here God is not There The only wing I see Is the crow Who hovers Above the Square
At the grove Of the furies He lay down And raged I held his Bony hand Washed the Craters That were his eyes Now what, I said Just wait He whispered Wait and Watch Me become A God I admit I was Curious As he mumbled Curses On his absent Sons My brothers His too What can you do With a father So white with Rage So hard done by All his mistakes The faults of Others My Mother The crossroads Laius I dared whisper Maybe we need Some perspective Among the Crickets And the scorched grass I saw no furies No red ghosts Walk from their Graves To take him in Their arms To bless His loss Of eyes And wife And Mother
All that had Passed I saw a Blue sky A blazing Sun And tears of Blood in My old man’s Phantom eyes That flies Midges Mosquitos Drank from And I thought We make up The stories we Need to Because we Are terrifying We Homo Sapiens My Mother Hung herself Not a word Wrapped the chord How long had She known You don’t sleep With your own son And not hear The awful truth About yourself Or maybe it Was like Coming home Familiar Comfortable Warm All the lights on Fire dying All safe in their Beds Your infant son You left on the hill Reborn At your breast Again But his heels And his shoulders And the shape of His head And your mouth On your mouth Kissing yourself Where have you seen Those eyes before Navy as a newborn This ravenous wanderer Besting the sphinx Limping to your door Victorious To claim his Queen Dry eyed widow Of Laius The Pederast. [wordless singing]
But the Quiet Neanderthals. Surely we Must’ve fallen In love With one Of them. Surely some Savage Must have Lain down With the Gentle Big jawed Mute Neanderthal. Kissed his eyes His big brain Among Other things. We must Have Neanderthal Blood. Surely. I mean We slept with everyone Even the shark The Lizard The Antelope. Anything that had lungs Claws Skin. Surely we did The deed With our Next of Kin. This Gives me Hope In our blood The Neanderthal Mute Suffering Poetic Sleeps through Our savagery Defenseless Or is that All hot Air? Will he wake? Does He lurk And wait For a better Time? For a race That Deserves him And his Kind? If he Could speak Now What would he Say?


Music composed and produced by Roger Doyle ℗ and © PRS/MCPS 2019-2020. Recorded in the composer's home studio.
Libretto © Marina Carr.

Click through to iGIRL - Act Two here: rogerdoyle1.bandcamp.com/album/igirl-act-two

iGIRL is an electronic opera. There is no live orchestra. The recording studio in this case takes its place.
The score makes use of new music software creating, at times, an epic virtual orchestra, and at other times is heavily percussive evoking ancient and modern worlds.
The singers are hand-picked as Doyle wanted trained non-traditional opera singing i.e. little or no vibrato.
iGirl explores female grief, sorrow and sacrifice, and offers an insight into themes highly relevant in contemporary society.
The work is inhabited by mythological and historical characters, and 2 narrators - one, a woman living in contemporary times; the other describing humanity's base desires and the ruthless survival of the fittest, of homo sapiens over the Neanderthals.

All the lyrics can be read on this page by holding the mouse over track titles.


releases March 26, 2021

Sung by: Daire Halpin (sampled voice tks. 1, 10).
Bláthnaid Conroy Murphy (tks. 2, 3, 7, 8, sampled voice tk. 6);
Caitríona O'Leary (tks. 4, 8, 9, sampled voice tk. 6);
Olwen Fouéré (tks. 5, 12); Camilla Griehsel (tks. 10, 11).

Total time: 74'54


all rights reserved



Roger Doyle Ireland

Roger Doyle – composer, keyboardist and producer of own music, in concert and in the studio. Likes to work on large projects and to collaborate with others. Works with a multiplicity of musical languages and evolving technologies.

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